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I sometimes like music. Although not as much as alcohol.


Music makes the beer/wine/meths taste nicer.


Ah yes, 'tis the O’Pinion way, and always has been, ever since Roderick O’Pinion first kissed the Blarney Stone’s little-known cohort, the Blatant Stone, back in 1586 - thus acquiring The Gift Of The Obvious. :+1:t3:


I fucking new something was bugging me about that post. I spelled Ofsted incorrectly and you were all too polite to point it out.




Needs a comma after sincerely.

I’m ignoring ‘new’ as it’s clearly a deliberate provocation.



Sadly, I can’t claim any credit for anything other than a ‘fat-finger phone interface’ moment.

I do take issue with the comma after sincerely. That’s practically Olde English :wink:


Audio Abattoir: sponsored by Tsykie Lager.




Occassional use of moderate language.


Not on my watch there fucking isn’t :smirk:





“Infinite monkeys with infinite typewriters”.



Ooooh! Mrs DB would love some of that for Christmas. So much so that I may never see another Christmas again :ok_hand:


“They’re meat all the way through.”


Not testdd on monkeys.




Welsh? :thinking: