Free DxO and Cyberlink software

Gets you a free copy of DxO Optics Pro11 Essential.

Needs doing by Nov 22nd.

Free Cyberlink Photodirecter 8 Deluxe



Just installed it, thanks. I’ll give it a try and see how it performs :+1:

The dxo is quite good for correcting stuff from yer lens. I have a previous version and you can load modules for different camers and lens’ and correct stuff automatically.
Not used the cycberlink, but will have a read up and give it a go.

The dxo link doesn’t work mate

I’ve just installed the Cyberlink

Will recheck it and get back to you.

It’ll be 'cos I mis-spelled it. Surprised nobody picked up on it tbh. Will correct it in a sec.

I thought I did???

You didn’t notice the spelling did you?

I hope you are having a lovely day btw.

I have played a record this week. It was nice. Will do some more of that.


Just noticed your post about Lou. Bit of a bugger that, but hopefully it speeds up the resolution.

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