Freesat box

Thinking of getting a (recordable) Freesat box.

1TB capacity will be more than enough, I just want something reliable. Any recommendations?

Alternatively, if anyone has a suitable one they no longer need let me know what it is and how much you want for it.

This from Richer Sounds…

I don’t know how it compares with others.

Another £49 and you get 2Tb.

Edited due to mine being the Freeview box from Humax.

I’ve had a humax for nigh on seven years in dining room and it’s been faultless so I would recommend. I have no knowledge of any competitor boxes though so there may be better out there for the money.

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Had Humax box for years but got pissed off with how long it took to come on from standby so moved to a Freesat branded box which was much better.

Something like this should suit:

Humax no longer making boxes though they are still widely available.

The startup time from standby can be adjusted in settings. It just means that it will consume a few more watts on standby.

I tried all that but still found the Humax I had bloody slow to boot up and when I searched for solutions there were loads of threads with the same complaints so not just me.:thinking:
Box worked fine other than that, but I’d definitely go with the Freesat brand if buying new again - now using a TV with built in Freesat so no box.

Strange, my always comes on virtually instantaneously.

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