Friend's GL75

I gave a friend who has her dad’s record player, holding lenco GL75 which seems quite common. You guys would know

Anyway, her friend managed to sit on it somehow and snap the head shell, from the screw in collar so it needs a new one, the arm is pretty corroded so the screw clamp that keeps the remainder of the head shell on is pretty tight, might have to wd40 it

Better to replace the arm? Head shells with wires are only around £20 on eBay unless anyone has spares here, and the cart seems “ok” for whatever it is but can worry about that later

Anything kicking around in your bits box?

She doesn’t have much money but would really like it working again.

PM me I have something.

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I have a headshell but would need new wires as the ones on it have been soldered to take an old 2 pin cartridge.

I have a gl75 here,but the arm was shagged. Might be worth changing the v blocks as well

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They usually came with a goldring g800 or Shure 75

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Cheers for that stu. It’s got a cart on it so will remove that and check it.

Is the thread on the arm still ok?

I can’t get the remainder of the collar off by hand
It’s pretty oxidized

If she changes the arm it will need soldering. Some change arms to a linn as it’s the same or similar pivot to spindle wise.

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I probably won’t bother if the arm needs changing unless I can find a cheap one on eBay. Be nice to be able to get the collar off.

She could probably break the deck,sell the bits on eBay,motor,platter,idler and spring etc and have close to enough to buy another if she likes that deck

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Yeah, probably better to buy a new one but I think it’s also a sentimental thing



Yeah proper doofus sitting on it

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If I get it working however, there might be a new chair, so to speak

Wondering if this would do if it’s the same pinout and screw thread? She’s not an audiophile (obviously)

Edit ahh, S shaped arms

The gold rings are different to normal headshells

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Why are you trying to get the collar off?

Because it’s snapped out of the head shell and I need to remove whatevers left. The head shell just has a hole where the din goes currently

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I’ll try get a photo

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