FS: 1 or 2 tickets for Goldfrapp, Roundhouse, Monday 27th March

As per the title really. I have two tickets for Goldfrapp at the Roundhouse, Monday 27th March, 7pm.

The wifelet now can’t make it, so you can either have one ticket and accompany me, or if you want to go with a partner, mate etc. you’re welcome to both tickets. I’m feeling a bit ambivalent about the whole thing so please don’t be shy of “depriving” me of a ticket.

Face value is £30 per ticket, however after this charge, that charge and the other donation the two tickets cost £70.85 (wankers) - so I’d like to start the ball rolling by asking for £35 per ticket.


Although only just rejoined AA I am a long standing member of Wigwam, PFM etc. I am certainly interested in one ticket and possibly two if still available.

All the best


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Welcome aboard Paul; I should imagine you’re known by many here already.

Hi Paul. Welcome aboard. Nice to see some old faces/ids around here.

Thanks guys, certainly know many of the passengers although its certainly a different kind of ship to the other forums.


Hi Paul, and as others have said: welcome aboard.

I’ll PM you so as not to bore everyone with the logistics.

Not beige enough??

Yep, sort of in a state of permanent semi sunken / shipwrecked, but we like it like that.

I would like to say Paul is an untrustworthy charlatan. Unfortunately, he is completely trustworthy :frowning:

My feelings are mutual. :wink:

Watcha Paul! :+1: How’s it hanging?

Hi Jim, I am good thanks. I might get round to having that mini bakeoff some point soon and you are of course on the list.

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Great Paul - we’re big on bakeoffs over here :grinning: