FS:2016 Specialized Roubaix disc

Only 3 month old, in excellent condition and less than 300 miles. I can’t find any enthusiasm for cycling any more, I thought a new bike with hydraulic discs (I was struggling to stop on calipers due to arthritis) might help but it hasn’t :disappointed:

It’s a 56cm and standard specification (apart from a set of quality 44cm bars) the bike comes with full Sram Rival hydraulic groupset and Specializeds own lightweight disc wheelset, full carbon frame and Cobble Gobblr seatpost. It really smooths out dodgy road surfaces but is race bike stiff for power transfer. Bright red with special paint that will darken with exposure to sunlight.

Price new was £1800, discounted to £1350 at the end of the product year I’m selling this for £1000 collected from Sheffield.





Not my pictures but the bike is identical…

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Used to be that you had to visit a certain ‘specialist’ area of Ye auld town to find a ‘cobble gobbler’