FS: Acoustic Solid Wood MPX with Audio Note Arm 3

Arm is currently fitted to the TT, however would consider splitting if there are no offers for the combined TT.

Both come in original box and packaging.

Location is Stourport in Worcestershire, however I also travel with work so it might be possible to meet or deliver depending on where you are.

£1250 for the turntable


(Cart not included!)

Let me know if you’re interested.


Lovely turntable. I remember that fondly from the last Scalford we did. TBH, it is one of the few things I remember.



Lovely combo - my brother in law has the same in gloss black (ex browellm).

Is that the bloke who liked my Gato Amp?

Sorry I forgot to add prices :relaxed: Updated now.

You bought it then :smiley:

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Yep - he bought one a few weeks after that Scalford, though he has since moved it on.

What he buy ? What ? What ?

Which audio note arm is it?

Arm 3 - the one with the extra special foo-tastic Audio Note fairy wire :slightly_smiling_face:

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Lovely combination of arm and deck, I really enjoyed listening to these when I had them at mine. Good luck with the sale, buyer will be very happy I’m sure.

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Arm sold.

Bump for the turntable.