FS: Adam Compact Classic MK1 Actives

For sale but need a service my Adam Compact Class Mk1 Actives. £250 collected or can post at cost. They are silver and maple veneer.

Although they work one amp pack can run warm which is why I suggest they need a service and hence cheap price. They have been boxed up forever but if any serious interest will sort pictures out. Did work when tested a month a so ago. Will also throw in Van Damme XLR cables. Can provide XLR to RCA adapter if required.

They are the ones that look like those in the link below and the front baffle is made out of some fancy honeycomb aluminium.

Ok, although no interest at present took some photos anyway.

Also measured the XLR cables and they are 10m each.

First speaker. LP is to so you can see they are large stand mounts and basically domestic versions of the Adams S2a. https://www.adam-audio.com/en/archived-products/s2a/

Second speaker.

Reserved and likely to be sold.

Rispek for the LP and CD mountain :+1:

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Cheers, also magic birthday underpants if you look carefully.

Nice turntable.

Now sold to a AA member.