FS Alphason HRS100S mcs

For Sale is my Alphason HRS100Smcs.
I’ve ended up with two of these and only ever having used one at any one time I think it’s time for someone else to enjoy it.
It’s in brilliant condition and has benefitted from a Audio Origami rewire from Cartridge to RCA’s
Looks great and sound fabulous.
I’ve got a nice sponge padded box so it can posted safely.
£550 + £10 for posting
(Only the tonearm for sale turntable is not included)




Over seven years professional design and development, including computer aided structural and vibrational analysis, together with top quality materials and precision construction, goes into making this the worlds best sounding tonearm.

Not only have basic parameters of tracking error, bearing friction and effective mass been catered for, but also such advanced scientific details as rigidity, resonances, energy paths and structural damping have been analytically optimised.

The Alphason HR100S is a most unusual arm. An ultra-strong, one-piece titanium casting forms the arm-tube and head shell; tool-grade steel is used for the gimbal-bearing housing and ultra-tough ceramic for the bearings themselves.


Effective length: 229mm

Mounting distance: 211mm

Overhang: 18mm

Effective mass: 11g


The HR100 impressed us strongly by it’s neutral and tonally balanced performance. Treble was detailed and precisely located and yet free of edge or grain. The mid-range gave excellent rendition of vocal lines while bass was firm, extended and detailed. Stereo was exceptional with precise positioning and fine depth and ambience - £300 HiFi Choice 1983

As far as I’m aware the rewire is Cardas. High Quality job as always done at Audio Origami
My second Alphason has Silver wire I can’t tell difference between them.
External wire is Standard AO external cable which is SOFC (silver and ofc copper cocktail) with separate earth wire.
Hope that helps

On of my favourite arms, just so vivid. I Don’t think I’d ever sell mine,

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I’ve got two. I’ll be keeping my second one.

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I quite fancy this but then I’d have two!

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If I had a suitable TT I’d buy it so I had one.

I quite fancy this but then I’d have a divorce !

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If Pete is effusive about a bit of hifi, you know it’s alright. :smiley:

I really don’t need your “encouragement” Ritchie :confused: I’m already pissed that I don’t have the cash right now.

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You could see if @edd9000 will have the KattKistas back.

I’m sure he would and nope, them’s going nowhere.

I really fancy this, but already have too many tonearms :roll_eyes:

This also. I would end up buying another turntable :grin:

I have 2

And 4 tonearms,

I need to get this under control :joy:

I am out of control with 3 TTs and 6 arms at present.

8 and I’m not counting the Decca, Thorens or Lenco’s. Is there a confession room :slight_smile: :man_facepalming:

Come on fellas when does common sense and control have anything to do with our hobby. :grinning:


This. Someone needs to buy it - I would but I’m loving the one on my Voyd at the moment. Any medium-high compliance cart will sing!