FS Amazon one turntable

Amazon one turntable I’ve had it about 4 years. Loved it but I’m having a change, nothing more than that. This is for the turntable only. The armboard is cut for a moerch (20mm hole). Armboards can be bought or made easily. I’ll stick some pictures up when I can find some it’s currently boxed up. I’d prefer a meat up or can bring to lopwell to help it on its merry way.

Advertised elsewhere for £1800 will take £1700 to a meat man and I’ll stick another £50 in forum if one of you kind souls buys it .

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Are you back yet John?

Sorry no , next Monday I’ll be home, just having an idle morning remembering things I should have done months ago but haven’t had the time

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Rethink £2100 for the deck plus moerch up4 tonearm with red dot arm. Members only