FS AN IO2 and Slagle SUT

Moving house and clear out required, so selling some stuff that is surplus, first up:

AN IO2: bought from a friend of @Adpully in March 2018. This had been rebuilt by AN in 2013 and not used until I bought it. I have used it lightly over the past few years and guesstimate 350 hours on it. Bought for £1500 but happy to sell here for 1K - any issues whatsoever happy to have it returned etc.

Also Dave Slagle SUT which is a fine match for the IO2 - bought from @Notdownindevon in 2019 - as you can see it’s contained in a barrel which Mike tidied up when I bought it. It really is very good (many will know this unit as it’s done the rounds). £800

I’ll knock £100 off if someone wants both.


Just for context, the Slagle step-up was one I originally commissioned from Dave. It’s a 1:100 ratio specifically for the Io.


Could I take the Slagle if it doesn’t sell with the IO2.

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Of course - i’ll give it a day or so

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SUT sold

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Thought I recognised the old beer keg
blast from my past cira 2013


Mini beer keg is now in my abode. Expecting blinds to be lifted, and the view to be more vivid.

Thanks Ben for meeting up. I owe you a beer and a tour.


Yes definitely Paul I’ll text you :+1:

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