FS Arion Valve Amp

Reluctant sale of my Arion 18watt class A valve amp

I get a noise a couple of minutes after turning on,then a very slight hum out of one speaker thereafter but it is probably more pronounced due to the sensitivity of my speakers,I have reduced the price in my head to offset it having a look over by someone

Valves are 5881

It has 4 inputs and 4 and 8 ohm taps

It was serviced when I first bought it a few years ago

Price is a firm £300


Amp has now been serviced
There were a few dodgy solder joints and on off light mended which is now bright enough to take your eye out at 50yards

There is the tiniest of hums coming through one speaker but can’t be heard at low listening

So now £350 with service

It will increase by £50 per month till some git buys it

Rather not post so pick up from Devon or lopwell or cranage if room in car :red_car:


Withdrawn from sale…so there

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If it’s definitely not for sale I’ll take it.

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To late someone didn’t send a pm earlier

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Back up for sale at £350

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Does it have a tape loop Stu?

@J_B this might be nice with your FrugalHorns.

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Yes has 1 tape in/out

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Should add it went back to local valve amp menders in Dec

He recd a new input selector at some point

Pm sent


Cracking vfm imo.

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If John doesn’t go for it for some reason, I might be interested.

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Hope it stays on the AA , I’m hoping to buy it next year when I put a system together again :joy:

Seriously nice amp for the money.


I am buying the Arion from Stu. Wondering if anyone could help to get it a bit nearer to Worcestershire.