FS: Audio Note io1 and SUT

For sale Audio Note io1 and SUT
I had every intention of making this my main cartridge but chasing SUTs etc is just too far done the rabbit hole for me. I think there are cartridges better suited to my use and system.
So offering my io1 and SUT for sale. The io1 is in brilliant condition with a super clean stylus and still loads of hours left on it.
The SUT was professionally built using audio note transformers.
£1200 inc delivery


PM Sent

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Sold STP


Sorry guys, at least it stopped me looking at the Border Patrol P21 on Definitive’s website.

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I have - literally - just woken-up. My depravity deserves to be punished thusly!

Not that I was actually looking for a cart/SUT…

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Nor me, to be honest.

Will see how I get on it with but I suspect I may have a Miyajima Shilbe up for sale soon.

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Be surprised if you don’t, had an Io1 + AN SUT and phono, and it scratched most of the itches for me, but big problems with the actual company meant none of it stayed.


lucky, lucky bastard

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I have an IO1 if you are still not looking for one :grin:

Or an IO2 :rofl: