FS: Audio Note M1RIAA Phono Stage

Audio Note M1 RIAA - Phono Stage

This is an early v1 version, dated December 1996 which I believe to be very similar in design to the current M2 RIAA.

This M1 RIAA, however has been brought up to date by the Peter van Willensward (www.audiomagic.nl) in early 2018. Peter, has a long history in audiophile circles and particularly with updating / improving Audio Note products.

The initial work completed in early 2018 not long after I bought this unit and was as follows:

  1. Input signal cables upgraded to pure silver wire.

  2. Replace original ‘Gold’ plated RCA sockets with new Audio Note Silver plates ones.

  3. High quality electrolytic caps on both circuit boards.

  4. Replaced coupling caps (4 pcs) by alu PIOs €90-100

  5. Improved rectifier bridges

  6. Replaced RIAA caps with (hand matched) paper-in-oil caps

In addition to the electrical modifications both of the main board valves have been upgrades - NOS Tesla E83CC and a NOS Philips E188CC.

Additionally in May '20 Peter vW, also fitted a NOS Tung Sol 6x4 Rectifier Valve in the power supply in place of the solid state rectification originally fitted.

The performance of this unit is now very good indeed, certainly on a par with an Audio Note M2 and well on its way toward an Audio Note M3.

Due to the age of the unit, the case does has some cosmetic damage, to the one side, (more pictures can be sent on request) and the front acrylic face has some marking but nothing that significantly detracts from its overall appearance.

The item is fully function and perform fantastically well - but as it is 2nd (3rd!) hand there is no returns, warranty, guarantee etc., included with this purchase.

Asking price €1000.00. + Shipping at cost from The Netherlands

Please note any Shipping costs, Customs & Import Duties are at the expense of the buyer and not included in any negotiated cost of the M1RIAA for sale.

I will accept PayPal or Direct Bank Transfer payment in GBP or
I will accept Direct Bank Transfer payment in Euro

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