FS: Audio Physic Padua

Please buy my lovely speakers. I got pissed last night and woke up to find I’d bought a pair of Impulse H2. The Paduas really need to go before the H2s arrive. I also have these advertised on the wam, but ironically, there’s probably as much traffic here these days.

Audio Physic Padua floorstanders in excellent condition. Drive units all pristine. One or two very minor marks on the cabinets - very hard to spot.

The finish is light wood - ‘blonde maple’ I think it’s called.

The grills are not originals. The speakers came to me without them, and as AP no longer make them they sent me the design drawings and a fellow wammer made me a pair on a CNC machine. You’d be hard pressed to tell the difference.

Paduas have side firing bass units on both sides of each speaker, which means they really need about a couple of feet of space between them and a side wall. They also benefit from being about the same distance from the rear wall, though they sounded great in my room with about 15 inches behind them. Domestic changes mean I am now struggling to accommodate this, and that’s the reason for the sale (that, plus the fact that I’ve just bought more speakers).

4 ohm impedance and 90 dB sensitivity, so quite easy to drive. They work particularly well with valves, but my current amp (Gato Dia 250) also drives them beautifully. Excellent sound staging - set them up right and they disappear. That said, getting them set up just right can be a labour of love. Worth it though.

Price is £1000 (EDIT: Now £900). I believe these retailed at £3500 and are approx 10 years old. I’ve no boxes, so pickup/meetup/wam taxi/teleportation (I’m in Northumberland).

I’m after a nice tonearm (or arm/cartridge combination) for my Orbe, so if you have one going spare we could perhaps do a deal.

Well done on your Impulse purchase :slightly_smiling_face:




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They look better without them :slight_smile:

I sold my last pair of speakers on hifi-forsale.co.uk. Had a pretty good response ( including the usual low-ball offers). Might be worth a try if they are not already on there?

I agree.


It may come to that. I’ve got about two weeks until the new speakers arrive.

I think it’s time to give hififorsale a go.

Price drop: £900.

One last go.