FS: Audio Research LS7 Pre Amp

Posting this for a very good friend.

Audio Research LS7 line stage pre amp.

Valves are Electroharmonix and about 7 years old

Excellent full working condition and very clean

£750 delivered.

I’ve heard this many times and it’s a very, very nice thing, sadly out of my price range, or I’d be having it.

If you’re interested let me know and I’ll put you in touch.


That would be marvellous with my Rank Concept monos. You should buy it. I’ll give you a great deal on the valve amps😈


It’s in Liverpool so it’s easy for you to collect it. You could set up a lovely second system with those monos Ólan. Jackie would be thrilled.

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I’m happy to collect it. You can pick it up from me and we can go for BBQ. Everyone is a winner

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MmmmBBQ… I hadn’t forgotten that I owe you that!

I’m off the first week of 2024, if you’re free could sort that out?

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Fucking Bargain for some cunt

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Sorry, I missed this very important post. I can be available for BBQ at your convenience.

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Wouldn’t it be better in the garden?

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Ban hammer for that effort please…

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As charged, orificer…


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