FS: Audiobyte Black Dragon DAC / Pre / Headphone

Selling on behalf of my brother in law, though he bought it off me a few months back when I sold all my hi-fi. He’s been forced to go down the one box streamer/ dac route for WAF reasons.:weary:
I also have his Auralic Mini to sell as well.

Best Dac I’ve heard with a very good volume control and headphone amp (though I’ve never tried haedphones).

Proper custom dac which uses FPGA chips rather than the usual off the shelf Burr Brown / Sabre / Wolfson chipset.

As a Dac it pissed all over an Eximus DP1.

Has a supremely well balanced sound. Loads of glowing reviews online if you do a search.

Comes boxed in perfect condition and also comes with nice metal remote.

Happy to demo - I’m unemployed now so can do any time that suits.

I bought it last year from Jack (ciderpig) at BD Audio.

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