FS: Bargain Manticore Mantra TT & RB250 Arm

In Mahogany, looks exactly like this (not my pic) -


Excellent condition, with just one mark top left, just behind the platter. This can’t be seen from the front. Lid and hinges are in great shape.

Glass platter, felt mat, will likely need a new belt, as it hasn’t been used for, must be, 10 years. It worked a treat when it was put away (dry, warm loft), so no reason to expect it won’t now.

Unusually, this one comes in its original box and packaging.

I really don’t want to courier this, so how does £125 collected sound ?

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Utter bargain


Better than Linn Axis @Maverick

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OK. How about -

For sale: Excellent condition RB250 tonearm, comes with free Manticore Mantra turntable ?

£125 collected

Last go to sell -

This one is a pic of the actual TT.

None too shabby.


PM inbound

Check the dates :+1:

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Hi there is it still for sale?

Sorry, it went a long while ago.