FS Bel Canto Pre3 VBS and Bel Canto LNS




As per title, all boxed, manuals included etc.

This was originally the standard Pre 3 but upgraded to VBS version by Anvil audio, and a separate LNS added, again from Anvil Audio.

I used this pre for about 18 months initially as a stop gap, but was so nice that I didn’t have a great desire to upgrade.

It’s in good condition.

Unfortunately the remote broke - they are still available from Bel Canto in the US and I can give the buyer the details of how to get hold of one.

I’m keen to have this out the house as my wife has noted the amount of kit that is sitting around so I’m happy to let this go for £500 plus postage if delivered - would much prefer pick up from Kingston or meet up though as its two boxes. The low price also reflects the cost of a new remote which is $120 with shipping from US - so about £90, which is a bit steep but unavoidable unless some tech wizz on here knows how to source and build a remote for this.

Thanks for looking.

extremely good little pre and brilliant price , the vbs version of course is so much better than pre vbs version and it has home theatre bypass

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Thanks Phil.

Now sold.