FS - Bewitch A30 valve amp

Bought this about 6 month ago whilst deciding what I wanted to do long term for amplification. It’s badged Bewitch but has the “made for Puresound” lettering on the back and I checked with Guy before buying it.

It sounds great but I’ve always wanted to scratch the low power SET itch and will be doing so very soon, can’t afford to have an expensive amp sat doing nowt so this is for sale. Everything works as expected and it came with 4 spare valves, it didn’t come with the original packaging so I travelled a fair distance to collect it and would prefer collection this time. If it is too difficult I’ll contact Guy about buying a box and packaging for it. It’s in decent condition, it has a mark on one of the transformer covers and the matt front plate is difficult to get completely clean. This version doesn’t have fittings for a valve cage.

I’m looking for £530 collected which is below the usual price as it’s badged Bewitch and has a few small marks, it does though include the spare valves. Packaging and postage would be on top of the price, demo at home in Sheffield welcome (along with a brew and biscuits :slightly_smiling_face: ).

I ‘may’ have a spare puresound printed front panel for this if it helps. I need to check.

Internally it’ll be pretty much the same as a current one. No great need to change anything with that circuit really.

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That’d be great if you have


Top chap Des is and a nice amp :thumbsup:

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Hello, is anybody there?

I’ve heard this at Des’s bake off and it is a super amp. Hard to beat for a shade over £500.

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£500 collected otherwise I might have to try the bay…

Thought this might sell quicker than this…

Nobody fancy this? Happy to get proper packaging and post it…