FS : Border Patrol SE Dac

Up for sale again, I sold this a while ago but it came back due to a mechanical buzz problem from one of the small transformers inside, I’ve reduced the buzz by decoupling the transformers from the chassis with some improvised cork impregnated rubber washers, you’d have to put your ear right up close to hear any buzz now and will not be a problem from the listening position.

I originally put this up for £800 but now reduced to £400 because of this small issue.

Border Patrol SE DAC, this is the S/PDIF non USB version but with the tricked up power supply, purchased shortly after release so looking for £400 plus £20 p+p, can be demoed if it’s picked up from Brighton.


DC on the mains? (I have no idea what that means really but would like to put it foward as a perhaps useful guess).

Cheap non dipped or vacuumed Chinese transformer/s with loose laminations, I spoke to Gary Dews about it, he said I’m the third person to mention this to him, I don’t know how their issues were resolved but he suggested I buy some other transformers and fit them myself.

I don’t use the DAC anymore, so it’s up for cheap.

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Now sold.