FS . Border Patrol stereo power amp 300b SET

Border Patrol 300b SET stereo power amp for sale.

One of the early ones, modified by David Wright in the 90s to for larger output transformers.

It’s been around the houses somewhat, not what you would call mint. Patina would be a generous description, various dings, scratches and signs of it’s age and use throughout.

The upside is that it works beautifully, 8W of glorious 300b and quiet with it. Would make a fantastic introduction to 300b amps or good for a second system.

The Great news is that it’s yours for five hundred quid, collected from Cumbria or delivered to Settle.

I’ll take some pics a bit later.


If we can get it from Settle to Luton, I’ll have this please Bob

Not a problem, pop into the Settle thread and see if anyone will transport it for you. :+1:

I’ll probably have it when you’re finished with it :rofl:


Pm me when you’re done with it please.

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It likely will become available again. I’ve never tried a 300B Amp and this just seemed too good an opportunity to pass up.

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When the amp costs less than the valves … :grinning:

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I can help you out with some options Mike if needed.


Thanks, I may take you up on that Kev. It does come with a working set of valves, but I have no idea what they are :slightly_smiling_face:

The pics didn’t show any, so I was wondering…

I didn’t realise either, until Bob told me.

As I say, no idea what they are, life left, or anything, so may well be in touch.

Just need to find myself some sensitive speakers now :joy:

Back to hecos :blush:



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I’m admiring Bob’s long-game on this, as I presume it’ll do the rounds of the forum, getting serviced, casework refurb, external PSU, valve upgrades &c, then he’ll buy it back :ok_hand:


Some plans only work when secret :ok_hand:


Golden dragon 300b, don’t know the rectifiers valve as unmarked. How long will the 300bs last, probably years.

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Very nice Mike.

That would work well with my Direkts - just sayin’ like :grinning:

… and I’m pretty sure that it won’t work, at all, with the Transmission Audios Al.

I guess I’ll find out :slightly_smiling_face:

You might be pleasantly surprised Mike - your smaller listening room might be to your advantage for once. Those tweeters should sound incredible :heart_eyes:

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