FS: Burson V5 upgraded Eastern Electric Minimax DAC

A very well known and rated, battleship build quality DAC that benefits from the Burson V5 low noise Op-Amp upgrade. These are a significant improvement over the original Op-Amps.

There are numerous great reviews on line, which will give you more technical information, but basically this has a Sabre ES9018 DAC chip, plug-in Op-Amp sockets and is switchable between valve (12au7) or transistor output stage, so you can Op-Amp or tube roll, if that is your thing.

The Minimax also has an analogue volume control, so can act as a pre-amp in a digital only system. It’s compact size would make it ideal for a second system, but it is more than capable enough for main system duties.

The DAC is in near mint condition, 100% functionally working and comes in its original packaging.

I’m looking for £325 posted, which is a steal for one of these.


Decides to “go digital”.

Sells DAC.



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Really like the EE stuff

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Now Sold !