FS: clearaudio performance DC / Clarify (may take part ex)

So, I picked this up as an upgrade to my project Perspex 6. It’s a good deck and extremely speed stable. I upgraded the belt but otherwise it wanted for nothing. It comes with the clarify arm which she’s magnetic bearings to behave a little like a uni pivot.

Platter had a few small scrapes and dings on it, so I’ve attempted to clean them up as best i can, but another owner may wish to add a Mat of some kind.

Sadly due to a relationship breakup I’m forced to have to find a new home and as such I need to make some money, downsize and save some costs here and there.

New these are about £4500 in this finish and spec. Mine is boxed with all instructions.

I got a great deal on mine and frankly I’m happy just to get most of my money back at this stage, so £1600 posted gets it.

I’m also interested in a cheaper turntable as part ex, ideally a technics 1200GR but most things considered, such as linn lp12 or some kinda Thorens. Try me!