FS Decca London Super Gold Cartridge (New Listing)

I bought this from Tim (Spider) last week with the intention of fitting it to a second TT.
Those plans have fallen through so I have decided to forget about a 2nd TT and the cart is now surplus to requirements.
I have checked with Tim and he is happy for me to link to the original listing so I don’t have to take new pics etc.

The details are exactly the same as here (please click for pics and spec)

I have not taken the cart out of the box since it arrived so the price is also the same £490.00 including RMSD to the UK

Thanks for looking.


Looks like this forum is not the place to sell hifi
I really should know that :grinning:

Bump for the weekend then it goes on ebay

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Ebay is not a lot better.Not much seems to be shifting at the moment.

EUman doesn’t like the 20% price hike.

I’d buy it if I knew what it was and how to use it

Must. Resist.

Even though it’s an itch I’ve been dying to scratch, I have to end this year with fewer cartridges, not more.

Must. Resist.

Still got plenty of time to flip.

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Meh ! Disappoint.



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I must admit to quite fancying trying a decca. Phil seems quite keen on his.

Spent my pennies on summat else for the mo though.

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I think that a Decca would complement a system with something like an Io Gold quite well. The Gold is quite rich and sumptuous, the Decca is all adrenaline. Be fun to have it as an option for some music.

That is exactly why I bought it, but plans for second deck fell through` and I am not going to pursue that idea any further.

Being lazy I have not listed this on ebay yet so last chance saloon for any one interested in this lovely cartridge. Make me a close offer and you never know :grinning:




Could a mod close this please