FS Denon Dp 80 turntable

Nice condition uk voltage flagship turntable from denon

Had it recapped and serviced when I bought it so should be good for another 30 years

Sounds sublime, rock solid pitch and looks lovely too.

Denon plinth included with arm board for 9 and 12 inch options

£950 collect from leek or meet up when on my travels. Prefer not to post but ok if buyer takes responsibility




Tenuto, Ikeda not included in ssle

In terms of sound signature, this sat squarely between the SP10 and 401 that I owned. In my opinion, the best elements of both.

Love mine.

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What arms will mount on this? whats the geometry from the holes?

Looks better (imho) than both

Replaced it with a tw acoustic ac3 raven that I bought a year ago and have been deciding slowly which to keep

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I had ikeda and fr on it, for very little Tim will make you a corian board for any arm you want

It’s regardless mounting hole I think currently

I should say it’s actually got two holes, have a look at Tim’s post on the ccn thread and you will see he cleverly covered but retained the original 9inch mount hole with spirit level and added a 12 inch for my ikeda 407

Yeah i imagined the spirit level was in the 9" hole :slight_smile:


Well that was quick


Too cheap :wink:

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Maybe but I am happy with what I got for it and very happy with the space it will create when it’s gone

Conrad johnson premier 350 we up next


Ikeda lust here. Still probably the nicest sounding pivoted arm I’ve heard.

Ikeda is on my raven as of this week, pondering cart choices but it’s a lovely so ding thing with any compatible cart