FS denon DP 80


Very nice Condish DP 80 for sale, I bought it around 8 years ago and it has been 100% faultless since I had the service to convert to uk voltage and caps changed (nice Greek chap who used to specialise in denon DP 80’s but now makes his own version for mega bucks).

Ikeda is staying for now as want to try it on the new deck at some point but the plinth has been cut to take both 9 and 12 inch arms by spider using a rather clever bubble level to cover the hole you are not using

Somewhere I also have a couple of Corinan arm boards which I had made for the ikeda but I preferred the original denon plinth which is very well put together and constructed from some very fancy compressed /glued woods and works brilliantly with the DP flying saucer looks. There is a lid but never used it and would have to check condition as it’s in the loft, looks shit with the cover imho

Overall a very nice deck to look at that sounds stunning, looking for offers around the £1500 as these are appreciating Assets and you will struggle to find a serviced one with uk voltage nd the denon plinth for less

Happy to demo in leek and depending on where you are a meet up for delivery preferred over couriers

Tenuto Matt is not included but will prolly sell once the deck has gone if the person that buys doesn’t want it denon original rubber Matt is of course included