FS Denon PMA850

For Sale
Denon PMA850
Great amplifier that has a well deserved reputation.
Only selling as I’ve gone higher up the Denon range but it’s taken a very rare beast to better it.
Brilliant phono stage that can run two MM carts and one MC all switchable from front panel useful if you have multiple arms or turntables.
The MC has auto detect and automatically sets to best suit your cartridges.
It has had upgrade to speaker outputs to allow for easy use of 4mm plugs.
It’s been heard by many of you at my bakes offs.
As seen in pictures the knobs are slightly offset they are all the same I don’t know why that is but everything works with no problem.
There are a few bumps and nicks but it’s in great condition for its age. I would say an 8/10 conservatively.
Would rather this one be collected its quire heavy.
I’m sure some kind of HiFi taxi can be arranged.
There is loads online about how good these are and
I’m going to miss it but I can’t keep everything.


Open to a fair offer