FS: DIY Aleph Amplifier and B1 Preamplifier

I will probably regret this but I fancy a Boxster and selling a few bits will get me one quicker.

Aleph 30
About 30 watts per channel into 8 ohms, class A.

Modushop 4u case
3×22,000uf per rail Nichicon capacitors for 132,000uf total in CRC
Elna Silmics used on the audio board
500va 2x18v transformer from Toroidy

Price: Sold
DCB1 Preamplifier

DCB1 Mezmerize board
Modushop Galaxy case
Audio note Tanalum resitors in the audio circuit
Alps Pot
Toroidy supreme transformer

Price: £500.00

Both collection/meat taxi only.




Worth the money for the CNCing alone :+1:

When I say Boxster I mean toy car, If I don’t fit in a Boxster I will find something else :smiley:

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If the pre had a tape loop, I’d have cut you a deal whereby I give you my Ducati and you give me both amps and £7.5k cash.

But it hasn’t so I won’t.

I could sort a tape loop probably, the £7.5k not so much.

Actually It has a tape loop as I changed one of the inputs to an output for the subwoofers :laughing:

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Great bits of kit for not a lot of money. I love mine. :slight_smile:

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Look fantastic.

The Aleph 30 has been sold. DCB1 is sort of still for sale.

B1 sold as well please close.

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