FS: DIY Pass F5

Nothing firm yet, not sure the pm is working :grin:

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:rofl: No surprises there then !


Would this work well with the Kattkista’s @edd9000 Edd ?

Other than being limited to 20w but in a small room that’s fine.

I’d like this but then I’m going to need to start faffing with a pre and phono etc.

Would a half decent passive pre match ?

IIRC @Ijrussell uses some Terribil Pass clones and pre-amp and they sounded bloody good through the manufacturer’s speakers.


Cheers Olan.

Maybe @Ijrussell could chirp in with what pres he finds work ?

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You could also ask @edd9000 as I am pretty sure he built all the gear for @Ijrussell so he should know what it is.

Will do :+1:

I don’t particularly want an @Ijrussell clone, clone system, though :smiley:

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Most preamps work with the Pass clones but cleaner ones like the DCB1 work best. BTW, the Type 76 valve pre that I’m selling works brilliantly via both balanced and unbalanced. :slight_smile:

I can highly recommend @edd9000’s handiwork.

I already own the Kattkistas, so I agree completely.

If clean pre’s work, I guess the passive I have should do the job. Need to have a thunk.

It should be ok with a passive.

Ian uses a very fancy DAC/Pre into Aleph 60 mono blocks, he also has a DCB1 and Korian Kattkistas.

The F5 has a different sound to the Aleph, leaner, seriously detailed.

You’re welcome to come over to mine to have a listen to my Aleph 60s with your passive pre.

Cheers @Ijrussell

Where are you ?

Near M6 J3 just north of Coventry.

OK, thanks Ian. Appreciated, I’ll let you know how we go.

Paging @Kondo I sent a pm, not sure it’s working.

This is about to dump itself on my doorstep


It is mahoosive John, really !