FS: DIY Pass F5

Pass F5 Diy build
20w class A

£300.00 prefer collection or Meat taxi.


@Stepmotheratomicbomb should buy this to drive his Primes :+1:

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He has my Aleph on loan :grin:

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Noice, has the want :heart_eyes:

Not had much time with it but im liking it a lot, ive got it in with the dcb1at the mo, but im planning on trying it with the trilogy pre next week.
Im away this weekend. I will report in properly once ive had a bit of time with it

Teribil pre is best pre :grin:

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We shall see

Fact. :grin:

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Is the trilogy valve? They do work well with valve preamps.

918 ref dual mono pre …valve

Fuck off Edd? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Hi.im having trouble with pm,I’m interested in amp,regards charlie


You need to get a mod to give PM permissions.
I will give one of them a kick



Oh, and welcome to the forum :grinning:

Try now. :+1:

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Who taught Ritchie how to use software ?

Fools !

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I don’t no if I done it rite yet! :crazy_face:

Banning is easy BTW. :rage:

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Did this go; he asks, innocently ?