FS: Doors R2R tape

For offer is a 7.5 ips copy of the Doors self titled debut tape.

The good news - it sounds great.

The bad news - it’s missing a few tracks!

Basically it has broken at some point and so tape/ tracks are missing from each side, probably one each but I’ll confirm which ones tomorrow.

Anyway it’s yours for £30 plus post.

Side A starts partway through Crystal Ship.
Therefore missing are -
*Break On Through
*Soul Kitchen

Present are -
*Crystal Ship (part way)
*Twentieth Century Fox
*Alabama Song
*Light My Fire

Side B is missing -
*The end of The End

Present -
*Back Door Man
*I looked at you
*End of the Night
*Take it as it comes
*The End (first couple of minutes only, up to ‘Lost in a Roman wildnerness of pain…’)

For context, this tape in complete but unknown playing condition would normally cost you £75-125 before postage from the states at c £20 and then if you’re unlucky import and handling charges of another £25.

Everyone’s buying 78’s for their Gramophones now. :+1:


Face it Wayne - you’re flogging a dead horse (with one of its legs missing)


Seems that way! I’ve seen just the box go for £10 on its own on eBay!


Apologies this has sold elsewhere a while back so please close the thread.