FS : EAR 869 SE Integrated SET Valve amp

For sale my EAR 869 SE integrated valve amp 15W of SET loveliness. This is the second one I have owned and I have owned it for a couple of years now. No issues.

The transfer on the front has worn a bit near the on button, this always happens with EAR stuff.

You can use this as an integrated or a valve power amp.

Having owned 3 859s and two 869SE, the 869 is quite a bit better.

Looking for £1,600.

I do not have the original box or manual.

Collection is welcome, demo available.
Based in Cheshire.


I really liked my 859, bet this is a cracker :+1:

Just bought a box for £53 with the inserts from EAR so I can ship this safely.

A couple of interested parties, but I am not shipping to Russia…

Bump and open to sensible offers.

Am interested!
A bit far to drive from Bath for collection…

Any Idea how much to have it sent to Bath BA1 2LN?

How can we insure the transport?

Best wishes
Angel Andany

I can deliver it by hand as I have to go to Bristol soon. Bob

Six attempted scammers latter, it’s still with me.

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Now sold to the lucky new owner.

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