FS: Early Border Patrol 300B SE Amp - £600

It certainly won’t win any beauty contests, but it does sound fabulous.

It has had a fair bit of work (new PSU choke, new bias supply reservoir cap, current - limiting resistor and rectifiers, new IO rectifier socket) done by Graeme @Valvebloke, so now is reliable and good to go for the next few years.

This one has the larger output Trafos, so a lot of iron!

Comes with a pair of Golden Dragon 300B’s.

Asking £600, as it owes me a fair bit more than that.

Will need to be picked up or AA taxi, as it’s bloody heavy.


Buy this and talk to Simon SJS about improvements to be made as I know he has done this before.



Good for whoever bought it. It can only harm your wallet to speak to Simon🤣

Also buy Simons pre on eBay for only £8.5K as advertised in the eBay thread.

Balls, I’d have had it. Dibs on it if the sale falls through ?