FS: Eclipse TD307PAII

Which reminds me.

For sale one Eclipse TD307PAII

amp and speaker combo, consisting of a very peculiar TDA501ii amp

and a pair of TD307II speakers

The speakers accept bananas or bare wires.

The amp has two inputs: RCA and 3.5mm stereo jack.

The speaker outputs (so far as could figure) only accept bare wires because they’re on the underside of the amp.

As far as I can remember the combination on/off switch & volume control on the amp was a bit crackly, so I offer it with no warranty at all. You don’t like how it performs → tough. We can probably lash something up here to test / demo it if necessary.

Also comes with a switch-mode PSU for the amp, and a load of allen keys - sorry, no idea.

The cheapest I can find on eBay is £150 for the speakers only.

I’d like £100 for the lot. TBH it hardly seems worth shipping, but I can appreciate that nobody wants to drive into London or indeed drive anywhere to collect something so small. Maybe I can get a cardboard box of appropriate dimensions and ship at cost.

FWIW these are great for a desktop system, gaming etc.

I used them to listen to music at a desk, but this came to an end with lockdown and the two of us being in the house together 100% of the time. Headphones now :laughing:

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Reserved for a gentleman of refined taste and, dare I say it, elegance and panache.

Can’t be one of us, can it?

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There are some dark horses here :wink:

Did these sell, Guy?

Umm, dunno. I’d forgotten about them. Will ping the guy who said he wanted them and check. Maybe he’s forgotten about them too.