FS: Foo cables

1 50cm pair of Ecosse Nu Diva interconnects.

Might still have the little blue satin bag somewhere.

£70 posted Sold stp

1 80cm pair of Townshend Isolda DCT interconnects, terminated with Neutrik Profi RCAs.


One of the ferrites has been broken:

The sleeve is fraying a bit at one plug:

£175 posted.

Price drop to:

£160 posted

We’ve had a cable thread and a foo cable for sale thread in a week. It is a sign that the rot has set in…

GLWTS by the way.


Ecosse sold stp.

Name and shame.


I would have bought them if I had anything to plug them into.

They look shiny :shushing_face:

Catholic upbringing?

A pink fishie.

Silver, so shiny inside too.

Mmm, shiny shiny.


Bump for the Townshend, and price drop to £160, or make me an offer…

No longer available, sorry, I know you were all gagging for them. :crazy_face: