FS: For Forum Funds: Deduce the fantastic art of shaving!

Ok, here we have a full shaving kit, razor, brush, soap stick and a selection of decent blades.

The razor is a Chinese clone of the Merkur Futur, it’s great quality, but it’s not expensive, they’re regularly on Aliexpress for less than a tenner.

It’s adjustable and ranges from extremely mild to WTF! I found the sweet spot to be around 4.5 out of 6. There’s a slight ding on one of the safety bars, as shown, but it doesn’t affect performance or feel. Will be sterilised before dispatch.

The Pure Badger brush and stand are from The Traditional Shaving Co:

It’s a nice brush, but I have ethical problems with using Badger. You might not. Will be sterilised before dispatch.

The Palmolive stick, about as old school as you can get. There’s always talk of these being discontinued, but they just keep going… unused.

Finally a nice selection of highly recommended blades.

5x Polsilver Super Iridium

1x vintage Polsilver Łódź, highly sought after and getting expensive, as DE blades go.

3x Various Gillettes, the 7 O’clocks are Indian and the Silver Blue is Russian, iirc.

1x Wilkinson Sword

1x Feather. Legendary, super sharp.

1x Personna Super Platinum, Israeli I think.

There’s not an awful lot of money tied up in this lot, but it’s for the forum, so £20 posted?


That’s a very generous offer, but dude, you’ve really got to stop hanging around on shaving forums :laughing:


They’re cheaper than watch forums! At least I can afford some of the stuff!

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They have forums dedicated to shaving? :joy::rofl:

Shaving can be a hobby, can you imagine what previous generations would have thought about that? :joy:


Aye gan on then


I’ll get it off to you tomorrow Paul. Don’t need your address…


‘Hifi Paul,


(I believe this has been used succesfully in the past).

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New address.

That conjures up a very disturbing image

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Unfortunately, I printed off the postage online, so I had to put the full address or it wouldn’t work.

On it’s way Paul, should be Monday/Tues.


Apparently this stuff was delivered two days ago and has been sitting in my porch until this morning. I hadn’t noticed it there :roll_eyes:

Donation to AA funds has been made.