FS: Garrard 401 flush strobe motor unit, Jelco 750L (12") Audio Origami arm lead, layered plywood plinth

I am not using my TT very much at all, so I feel that the 401 is wasted just sitting gathering dust. I have bought Gthang’s AT-LP5 which will suffice for vinyl duties, and sounds rather good withe the AN IQ3. The 401 flush strobe motor unit was bought from Ants of the Wigwam and is very near mint. He had it serviced and reconditioned by Northwest audio, including removing all of the toxic plating from the underside. It runs silently and speed is spot on. Jelco 750L (12") in silver with all packaging, set up template etc. It also has a custom made stainless steel mount to suit the 401/plinth. layered plywood plinth. Audio Origam arm lead. I would like to sell as a package but may split. The 401 would need to be collected from Worcester, or maybe meet up.

For the above £1,350.