FS: Google Pixel 4a phone

A Google Pixel 4a. Please note that this is not the 5G version, it’s just a regular 4G 4a.

128 GB, comes with box, unused charger and cable. No marks that I can detect.
Bought on and used since 9th August 2021.

£210 please.

Yes please Guy!

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It’s a good phone, but a little bit small for my fat hands and shiddy eyesight.

I have replaced it with a Pixel 6, but they’re £600.

Just checking that you’re ok with this. If so please shoot me your details and I can get it in the post this morning with John’s phone.

Yes, size is no issue. :+1:

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Excellent. Please PM me your details.

fnar…fnar :laughing:.

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This is now super-sold. If a mod could please close it, thank you.