FS Habitat Cleo CD storage

I have two of these for sale.
They are as new. £50 each. They need to be collected, as they are fixed assembled, don’t come apart.

I need something for my new room (not yet finished) to store mine. This looks ideal. Only one I suspect.

Although I can’t collect any time soon and would have to check my back seat would take it.

Any bake off potentials? Depends how quick you need rid?

No rush. Can keep as long as you like.
If your back seats fold down, I am sure they would fit.
If you are talking, across the back seats, I doubt it, unless you have a large car.
My Honda Civic will take about 147cm, and these are 157cm.
Might have a bakeoff early summer.

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Hi Gregg

I’ll take them if Steve decides they won’t fit etc


My seats are fixed. I will measure the angles.

I will definitely have one as I have checked and the size is perfect.
If anyone close is going to next weeks bake-off?..

Pete, are you happy with one? Looks like Steve is having only one.

Hi Gregg

I’ll pass on one thanks.

No problem.

I’ll double up. Keeps it simple.

Having had a look I may need both anyway!

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I’ll jump into the thread. Me too, please?

Would depend on someone coming back to Glasgow or Edinburgh.

Both units are sold, paid for, and collected.