FS: Hana SL

Bought a few months back from crimsondonkey. Due to Covid it sat untouched at my brother in laws for nearly 3 months before I rescued it and fitted it to my newly acquired turntable about 2 weeks ago.

Have decided to knock the vinyl system on the head so back up for sale.

It is boxed and had done 500-600 hours to which I have added about 10-15!! Looks and sounds superb.

It comes with 2 gold bolts and nuts, there are also 2 silver bolts but only 1 nut, and 1 little plastic washer. No stylus guard or stylus brush either - thanks Wayne. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

£200 delivered


Yes please

No thanks,
Sorry paul morning eyesight issue thought it said ML

Yes Paul. Will PM.

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Can I be next in the queue if something changes please.

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Reserved for Greg.

What cart are you going for?

Shopping cart if you read post one.

I have hundreds of 2.5mm nuts,washers,brushes and bolts if needed

What a cunt he is :wink:


Different one for sale on AOS if anyone missed out. Just avoid the site owners posts. :grin:


I am from India .I want Hana sl at the price
Advertised by you.I can pay in paypal.Please confirm the condition of



3 year-old thread. I think we can assume this one sold.