FS: Heco Einklangs

In white. Very recently (like, within a week or so) bought from Guy @murrayjohnson of this parish.

Excellent condition, with just one or two very slight, rub like marks, none visible from a few feet away.

Boxed, with all screws, tools etc.

I desperately wanted these to be better than my M1i’s, as I love the look of them and have liked every pair of Heco speakers that I have owned.

But, unfortunately, they’re not, so up for sale they go.

They work well, in a really small room, using my Suggie amp, and would likely be even better in a larger room.

£450+ postage, or happy to meet within a, say 40 mile, radius of Luton, or possibly arrange an AA Taxi.

Edit I should add that I think these were Guy’s demo speakers, so they weren’t bought as new.


How wide are they please?

They’re 38 cm wide, 84 cm high, 19.5 cm deep and weigh 19 Kg each.

94 dB sensitivity




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I tired my best, but the good lady has kyboshed on the looks front :frowning: So I’m out. Fantastic price for these btw, I saw a pair on UK HiFi for Sale FB group for £800 about 3 weeks ago.

Bad lady. :wink:


Don’t want to start another garage thread… but the quicker I get my cave built the better. The veto doesn’t apply out with the borders of the house itself. I’ll be in International waters so to speak.


She might be pleasantly suprised - they are much nicer in the flesh than they look in photographs.

I did try to explain that but still got a flat no, should have fuelled her on the Sauv Blanc before i asked, schoolboy error. She wants a “nice wooden pair that look classy in the room”.

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I instantly know I can’t afford them.

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These are what you batter her with until she likes the Hecos!

Alternatively Zingalis look classy. Though they seem to cost more than I remembered.


I can’t believe you asked permission. Always ask forgiveness, after a “drunken eBay purchase” or whatever.

When they arrive, go with the “ooh, they are a bit big, shall I just sell them for a huge loss then?” shit. After a few celibate weeks it’ll all calm down.


:point_up_2: This

Gently start integrating pictures of huge horns into her peripheral view, take a nice holiday —> to japan and take her to every jazz kissa in Tokyo, continue to have huge horns as a screen savers, book marks etc. Start wearing t-shirts with gargantuan horns printed on them - after about 9 months of this show her some tower cat coffins. You will know if you’ve performed the above grooming well when she offers to pay half.


No love for the singing mini fridges ? :cry:

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Try convincing @malbec he needs some rears for a Heco av setup.

Hope you sell them soon

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If any of your partner’s need to experience a huge horn in their living room. I’m readily available