FS: iPhone 7, 32gb Rose Gold (aka girly pink)

Here we have FoL#2s previous pride and joy.

Nice condition, won’t quite pass for like new due to a couple of scuffs on the bottom corners.

New battery, unused earbuds, charger and lightning cable, sim poking thingy, a screen protector and Apple logo stickers and box.

Currently on Tesco/O2 but will be unlocked.

£160 inc RMSD insured next day delivery.

Is this the one that had the cracked screen protector? :rofl:

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Yes, yes it is… :rage:

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As hidden in a drawer on certain occasions?

The very same.

Not interested in one that’s screen isn’t cracked.


There’s a 5s with a cracked screen and fucked battery in the drawer of shame if you want?

Sold, STP.