FS:Jazz vinyl 100 LPS



Brubeck x10
Weather Report x6
Manhavishnu/Mclaughlin/Shatki x7
Sony Rollins x6
Chick Corea x3
Herbie Man x 2
Stanley Clarke x3
Grover Washington x 7
Boz scaggs x 4

Then a few by Mingus/Charlie Byrd/Stan Getz/Herbie Hancock/Bill Evans/Coltrain/Jarrett/Courtney pine/Chuck Magione/ etc - All Artists in the 100 are very well known. Most in very decent condition

£210 the lot.

Also have around 200 other Jazz LPs generally less famous artists but similar skills


Yes please, I’ll take them all if still available.


OK Chris - They are yours
did you want all 300?



Too slow…



Yes please.


Chris doesn’t dither, Chris wins :+1::grin:

This is new.


:+1: Fixt slowly :cry:


It’s Chris, they will be available again in 3 months :wink: