FS: JBL L300 speakers

Now that we can actually move around the country I guess I’ll put these up for sale.

The L300 was in many ways the forerunner of the Everest line - it has a 15" bass driver with compression driver / horn mid and tweeter. It also benefits from all drivers having lovely Alnico magnets - the drivers are the 136a, LE85 and 077.

These have had the internal crossovers bypassed, and I have built external crossovers in nice Modushop cases using the Nelson Pass circuit. Components for these are value ones, and there’s room for foo if that’s where you want to go. I used them digital active.

Condition is fair - the drivers are fine, but the woodwork has faded and the grille cloth could do with replacing. I would probably do both of these if I were selling on eBay, and they should get £3k then.

Price is £2,500, with a substantial discount to any forum regular. If you want, I can sell an entire digital active setup of PC, sound card and amplifiers.

Photo album link:


I find that threatening buyers from the off is a bold strategy but we’ll see what comes of it.


He also hasn’t specified exactly how many Raspberry Pi’s it’ll involve stringing together…


Are your internal crossovers still present in the cabinet? ie, someone wanting to run them passively could do so?

Yes, they were left in situ so can just be reconnected.

Hello Carl,

have you still got the NS1000?

I have mate yeah, different set now but a little more special. Have JBL L112 also. Not seen your name in a little while!

I’ll DM you. Please excuse me OP, I am interested, I’m just doing a little homework before messing you around.

The L300 are good, I had some for a while and the bass is quite surprising even at low volumes.

The L300 is a monster compared to the L112 and does everything much better, google the 4333

Yeah even without considering the 15" driver vs 12" on the L112, the L300 has compression mid and tweeter, which is a huge step up. Ultimately the L300s had an original price of over 3x the L112s, despite being 3 years older.

I fell in love with JBL’s after hearing Adam/Oldius’ L96s at Scalford. Alas I think these are probably too big for my room (and don’t think they’d pass the WAF) or I’d take them in an instant.

I’ve got a pair of 4430s in a 10’ by 15’ room, to considerable enjoyment.

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i’m familiar with the differences.

I’ll have a think and figure out how to get in touch with you.


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Bumped your posting rights so you should be able to do PMs now. (Click on avatar to send a message)

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Thank you.

I’m new here, very interested if still available.

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These are now sold, subject to the usual.