FS: Jungson JA-1 preamp and JA-99C power amp

I’m not using these much nowadays, and I keep stubbing my toe on them, so it’s time for sale.
Bought off someone on the wam a few years ago, and not heavily used since. They have a smooth, detailed sound and a fair bit of power (80 wpc, mostly class A). The power amp runs fairly warm, so best to have it on a shelf of its own with space above it (only stacked with the pre here for photos). No remote.
The pre has balanced and unbalanced inputs, and the pre-power link is balanced (cables included).
I like them, but the way I run my system now needs 2 power amps and these take up a fair bit of rack space so inconvenient.
A bit of a bargain at £350 the pair? Collection from Sheffield or AA ambulance


Paging @Mrs_Maureen_OPinion Could be worth considering the power amp to use with your Hecos?

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I would be interested if anyone is coming south and could move them a bit closer.

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I’m travelling from near Garforth past Sheffield on the M18 / M1 on Monday 20th November.

@octh does this help?

@J_B gets it to Shropshire?

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Dave, can you pm me your address to see if it works.

That would be great Mick thanks.

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Sorry guys, have been busy this afternoon.

John, great, thanks - I think that you will like them.

Many thanks Mick - you are welcome to pick up at mine, but it should easier for you if I meet you at Woodall services unless you are going through Sheffield anyway.

Will PM each of you.


Sitting happily in Shropshire.

Message me to arrange collection - no hurry they’re not in the way.

Hi Mick, that’s great thanks very much for collecting for me. Would tomorrow be convenient for collection?

SOLD - mods please close