FS: Kraftwerk - Der Katalog 8LP boxset


£100 plus postage ono


Mad price, you could flog that on pfm for £200+ and it would be snapped up

Yes please!

Go on then.
Overtime bonus.

Try and arrange to pick up at a bake-off first?

SOLD to @crimsondonkey

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Maybe, but what goes around comes around. From AA members I bought a Modwright amp off @dom at a bargain price, a keenly priced Allnic from @htm_1968 and a cut-price Hana from @MJ2


Ha. That must have been to the second. Just got back from a quick game of COD and saw I’d been trumped!

The price on the Allnic was nowhere near as mad though.

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Yeah but they’re all cunts so don’t count.

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Mods, please close this one.