[FS] Living Voice - Tone Scout

Living Voice Tone Scouts

Vitavox S5 compression drivers

Vitavox CN481 horns

Beyma CP21F tweeters

Fane 12" woofer

RW24 subwoofers

4x Fane 12 " woofers (2x per cab)

These are 105 dB horns that later became the Air Scout (the Beyma CP21F was replaced with a JBL 2405 and xover freq raised a bit)

Have used these with 300B, 2A3 and 45 amps with great success. Currently using 100 watt Aleph 2 amps with them.

Realistically they go down to around 50Hz but the bass is so fast and good I rarely find the need to use the sub. Will include the BK XLS400 sub if the buyer wants it.

Sound absolutely sublime but being 30 years old are showing a bit of aging. There is a rub to the front edge of the varnish and the some paint has peeled on the mid horn. The foam on one of the woofers has fallen off but this doesn’t impact the sound.

I have the RW24 subs and passive xover in the garage at the moment as I don’t have the space to use them.

£6500 cash or bank transfer on collection as I’m not going to ship/post nearly 300Kg of speakers


Very nice, someone is going to be happy. I heard these at Kevin’s many years ago. I think your sub woofer has shrunk a bit though :rofl:

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I hoped you wouldn’t have to sell these Chris, but given that it looks like you do, good luck with the sale.

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Back up for sale (add house move to tax bill :frowning: )


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Need to go.

Reduced to £5000 if they can be collected before the end of April.

Sounded lovely at Lopwell the other year

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Sold STP


That is a shame Chris but needs must when the devil drives…