FS: LP12 for sale

For Sale

In my opinion one of the best sounding Linn LP12 you’ll hear.

This is an Inspire Vivid packaged LP12, visit their website to see what they do to improve this classic turntable and how much it costs.

It has an Oak Collinson plinth which as you can see is rather attractive and are a special order item.

It sports the vivid acrylic sub-chassis, mat and armboard that makes such a big difference to the sound quality, it has had a Hercules 2 power supply fitted that provides superior electronic speed control and both 33 and 45 rpm at the touch of a button. It also has the Cirkus bearing fitted and a clear lid which is in very good condition with only one very small scratch on it which is hard to see.

The turntable includes a very cool Ittok VII tonearm which has been sent off to audio origami where it had a complete high quality rewire removing all the plugs and interruptions in the signal path with a complete rewire which goes in one piece from the cartridge to the RCA plugs and brings an extra level of performance to this already legendary tonearm. The bearings were checked and it was given a complete bill of clean health. It is also foam filled and is a superb example of this high performance tonearm. It is in fabulous condition and would easily make £750+ if it was for sale separate to the turntable.

The rebuild and set up was done by Robert at Inspire HiFi and when he fitted the Hercules power supply he did a complete set up. He commented on how good it sounded and what a good turntable it is.

I am asking £1600 complete as it is a shame to disturb such a nice set up.

It is fitted with a Audio Technica PTG mkii Cartridge which can be included in the Sale for an extra £200.

So to be clear £1600 without cartridge, £1800 with Cartridge.

Collection is needed it is too delicate to post, I may be prepared to meet up half way if that is needed.

Any questions feel free to PM me.


Lovely looking thing Tim

It’s a great LP12
I’ve just got too much gear standing around not being used enough.

Sold STP