FS: Michell Orbe turntable

Full Orbe turntable (no arm or cartridge) in very good condition with armboards for Rega and SME, lid and spare, brand new in packet, Michell belt. Easily the best turntable I’ve ever owned. Grab yourself a bargain - these are now nearly £4000 new.

£1250 - No box, so collection only from near Coventry. Payment via BT only.



Sounds lovely this does.

I had the pleasure of listening to this last summer. Very, very nice piece of kit at a very decent price.


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Not surprised it went quickly at that price. What have you replaced it with Ian?

I’m getting out of vinyl. Again. :slight_smile:



Don’t sell your records yet then.


R2R on the horizon?:thinking:


Is it a love/hate relationship Ian? I’m digital only now and listening to more music (Tidal hifi) and only regret is selling the dddac.

A lot of the music that I listen to is either not available on vinyl or is crazily expensive and CDs are dirt cheap from charity shops as people are getting rid of physical media in favour of streaming.

Tim was collecting DDDAC bits and probably has some spares to build yourself a new one. :slight_smile:

Hi Des, @soulman
Got whole pile of cool DDAC bits I’ve collected up.
If you want to build another drop me a line.
It is all the older boards but I’ve got lots of nice upgrade bits that I’m sure would make an impressive DAC if I knew better what to do with them.

What kit are using in the main setup? I buy the odd CD, as you said, from charity shops, music magpie offers and, every now and again Amazon.

I’m very tempted to go streaming only as Tidal sounds good and has plenty of choice to keep me going and means I’m more likely to try new stuff.

Hi Tim,

I’ll PM you and see what’s occurring, must get together again soon.

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Paid for and collected.